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Many organizations adapt slowly to changes in light of the speed of business, sacrificing real business opportunities. It takes more than insight, strategy, and desire to succeed by staying ahead of the curve, anticipating change, and posturing for growth. It requires the right workforce mentality, tools, and infrastructure. iDimension Applications understands the need of open source solutions and application development that facilitates scalability and efficiency, while simplifying resource integration, so that the next stage of enterprise evolution is just a few steps away.

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More than ever today budgets require maximization of business’s dollars through compounded savings. We get the job done for less as a result of our use of open-source technologies and flexible methodologies. We focus on what your requirements need through analysis, usability, product design, and quality assurance reducing the long-term costs of maintaining expensive assets. We deliver success through cloud technology without subjecting our customers to the inflated overhead of legacy platforms.

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CallDR | Central™


CallDR Central™ is a cloud-based system aimed at improving the efficiency of Enterprise EMTALA scheduling by replacing the paper-based system with an electronic one.

The functionality of CallDR Central™ includes:

Creating and maintaining EMTALA and physician group schedules for each hospital and medical specialty

  • Enterprise scheduling
  • EMTALA Shared City/Area-wide Call
  • Group scheduling
  • Access provided for any secure messaging platform
  • Medical Staff Calendar
  • Trade call anytime anywhere
  • Auditable
  • Institution Credentialing view
  • Emergency Alert and Email Messaging
  • Vacation entry and acceptance


  • No more Faxes
  • Device Agnostic
  • Disaster Preparedness and Planning
  • Emergency Alert and Email Messaging
  • Efficiencies in workflow, reporting, and compliance
  • Better on call participation
  • Divert Status Notification
  • Simple, easy to use
  • Centralized data base with many reporting outlets
  • Single cloud enterprise entry point
  • Improve patient care
  • Direct and indirect savings in cost to both hospitals and Doctors

The application enables physician collaboration for on-call scheduling, call trading, access of any communication path ensuring physicians have access to the most up-to-date information needed to treat their patients. This application allows nursing staff to know not only who’s on-call but contact information for the doctor, the group, the specialty within the entire enterprise healthcare to support patient care faster and more responsively.

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